Thu 25 August 2022

KHUSHI: Natraj Dance Academy

  • Synopsis

    Natraj Dance Academy is part of Indian Association Oldham. They produce and choreograph traditional, folk and contemporary Bollywood dance and perform all across England. Their first dance piece is by Anita Gosh, this is a classical dance known as the Ganesha Pushpanjail. It is the salutation to the Lord of Dance Nataraja, the guru, the musicians and the audience. This will be followed by a vibrant and upbeat fusion of popular songs from within the Bollywood industry. These will be performed by the academy's youngest students Darshini, Esha, Sanika and once again Anita.

    Approximate run time: 25 mins

    This event is part of Khushi 2022. Click here to learn more about Khushi.
  • Thu 25 Aug: 3:00pm

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