A digital verbatim play from Dare to Know Theatre. Supported by Oldham Coliseum Micro Commissions 2021

A Broken Family, Together

A Broken Family, Together is a digital verbatim play that follows three nurses at different stages of their career.

The play is a culmination of the words spoken to Dare to Know Theatre by healthcare professionals working at The Royal Oldham Hospital, celebrating and documenting the dedication and heroism that nurses, doctors, porters, managers, volunteers and more have shown throughout the pandemic.


Sue – Julie Edwards
Debbie – Sam Power
Emily – Kimberley Hart-Simpson



Dare to Know Theatre are an emerging theatre company from Oldham, with a commitment to creating new and thought-provoking work that challenges audiences.

Writer and Performer Jake Talbot and Director and Dramaturg Miranda Parker formed the company as a natural continuation and development of a working relationship which has been established over the last few years. Dare to Know launched in March 2020, with a rough but productive first year of action (due to the pandemic), following postponements and cancellations to their debut play Drowning.


First released on Friday 7 May 2021

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